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Bazooka Brothers

Bazooka Brothers has been building quality AR15's in 45acp for over 10 years. There have been many design changes as we are constantly trying to improve our product to give the customer the best product out available. I discovered the need for a an AR15 that had the knock down power of the 45acp with the magazine capacity of a modern sub-machine gun

One of the first lowers purposely made to accept 30rnd Grease Gun mags. We have sold our lowers to individuals all over the US who use them in Sub-Gun matches, Three-Gun matches, Law Enforcement and for personal defense. 

Although originally designed to use the Olympic Arms 45acp upper, Bazooka Brothers has teamed up with RMW Extreme Uppers to provide the customer the best complete carbine available. Each of our B-AR45 lowers and RMW Extreme uppers are custom built to the customers specifications.

We have improved our machining process and as a result decreased our costs per lower. We are proud to announce a significantly reduced MSRP

Our Products

Our products are designed right here in the US of A and constructed by Americans for Americans. We perform endurance and quality testing on all of our items before releasing them to the public. We also offer customer laser engraving with your supplied art work.

BAR-45 Hybrid  Carbine, Complete and Stripped Lower Recievers 

B-AR45 Fully Dressed

RMW EXTREME Uppers Receivers  

RMW Extreme Uppers

Coming Soon we will be the exclusive dealer for High Ridge Arms line of Shrike Accessories.